Century Village WiFi Service and Repeaters

Welcome Pembroke Pines Century Village residents!  We are proud to offer to you our easy and convenient Internet solution.  DSL Express is providing a new WiFi Internet solution to all residents of Pembroke Pines Century Village.

To start enjoying fast and reliable Internet you’ll first have to order a “WiFi Repeater” which we supply.  The WiFi Repeater comes with a two-year one-site warrantee!  There are 2 equipment choices.  If you have a little bit of technical knowledge you can simply order the WiFi Repeater and set it up yourself.  If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, we can provide a Century Village WiFi system technician to install your equipment.  We do not recommend hiring other technicians for the installation.

Compared to Comcast and AT&T where you pay  more than $40.00 per month, WiFi service is limited but adequate.  The Internet over WiFi service is very affordable and included in your coupon payment.  You may use this service to check your emails, shop, pay bills, check your bank account, watch short videos on news sites, video-chat on services such as Skype, etc.  You cannot watch a movie live or “stream” as it is called.  The service is not good for this. You cannot play high graphic games that require a large amount of data to go back and forth from your computer to the Internet.  If you are a heavy Internet user, this service is not for you. The Minimum average download speed is 1.5Mbps.  Minimum average upload speed is 256Kps.

The WiFi system uses WPA2 encryption and unlike public WiFi hot-spots it is very secure.

Repeaters are custom programmed for each user and therefore are not refundable. Your repeater will be shipped to you with your own SSID and password installed.

Please choose one of the two options below.

WiFi Repeater

  • WiFi Repeater
  • Self Installation

WiFi Repeater & Installation

  • WiFi Repeater
  • Professional Installation